Switch vas
In addition to offering a full line of thumbwheel switches, rotary DIP switches, codicount displays, and environmental resistant keypads, we specialize in working with you to craft a custom solution to meet your application-specific requirements. We have provided solutions for medical instruments, factory automation, and scientific, test and measurement instruments.

Value Added Services for Switches -- Examples of some of the custom solutions that we have produced the following:

  • Thumbwheel switch from 1 to 35 positions
  • Thumbwheel switch with customer specified alphanumeric characters
  • Thumbwheel switch with customer specified symbols
  • IP67 Keypad with customer specified characters (1x4, 3x4 & 4x4)
  • Choice of colors
  • Repair and replacement parts

Please contact us to see how we can help you meet your specific design needs.

If you haven’t done so, please see our information on our standard Interswitch product.

If you have design needs not found within these pages, please call us or email your requirements to us.